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If you would like an appointment with the pastor, please call ahead to set up a time.

Worship at PUMC inside the Sanctuary has resumed.

It was over six months ago that we last worshiped inside our building at PUMC. In the time, we’ve made significant improvements to our online experience and we’ve added Vimeo Worship (we’ve also done incredible ministry serving in the community). We closed in-person worship in March to do our part to help “flatten the curve” so that hospitals would not be overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients and to help protect you, our parishioners, from illness.  We chose to go outside for worship during the summer months to be safe and still meet in person!

By now, most churches are resuming in-person worship in one form or another.  Many are beginning to go inside.  We have continued to monitor the COVID numbers daily – new cases, ICU beds, infection rate, deaths, etc. We’ve monitored how other churches are doing, what they are doing to prevent the spread of the virus and if they are seeing increased numbers of new cases among their congregants as a result of worship.

We have developed important protocols for making worship as safe as possible.

With all of this in mind, we re-launched in-person worship on Sunday, October 4 inside our Sanctuary at 9:30 a.m.  We have chosen 1 worship service in the sanctuary because I feel that this allows us not to have to sanitize and clean in between worship services, which would be required and also because the Chapel is simply to small a space to hold worship safely at this time.

Masks will be required. We’ll block off rows and pews so families, couples, and individuals can sit, but sit two rows apart and at least 8 feet away from other individuals or groups. We will not hand out anything in worship!  Bulletins will be placed in the pews prior to worship for families to use.  We will continue to have Hosts available to guide you as you come into the sanctuary.  You will be escorted by a host to a seat in the sanctuary.  We will continue to have registration as you come for worship. We will all enter through the Chapel entrance and exit through the Welcome Area/Narthex area in the back of the sanctuary.  All other entrance areas will stay locked on Sunday mornings. We know many of our congregation members have keys to the building, please use the entranceway and exit that we have set up for worship on Sundays.  We ask that all park at the North entrance to our property.  Save the closest parking spaces for those with disabilities or have trouble walking.  Offering Boxes will be available at the entranceway and exit area for you to place your Sunday offering.  You can also make a donation by clicking on the Donate button on this web site.  Thank you, in advance, for your generous contribution.


The service is simplified and shortened, requiring fewer musicians and volunteers than normal.  Vimeo Video worship will continue and be available on Sundays.  You can click on Sermons on Video below to view this.  It will also be uploaded to Facebook (@plattsburghUMC) each Sunday. We know that some of you have been yearning to be back in person. We’ll add back Nursery, Sunday School, Fellowship 15 and other Church programs when we have a better sense of how to do this safely, but we are starting with worship only for the month of October.

We anticipate, based on what other churches have experienced, that we’ll see a lower attendance of our pre-COVID attendance in person as we re-launch. We have a big enough sanctuary to fit our congregation for worship on Sundays.

We will be watching COVID case numbers and other criteria very carefully throughout the Fall. If we move into the fall and see increasing infection rates, or a surge in illnesses or hospitalizations, we’ll quickly reevaluate.

Please continue to pray for our congregation and all the other faith communities as we enter the fall season together.



Phil Richards, Pastor

We welcome all persons

into full participation in the life of our Christian community,

regardless of age, sex, racial or ethnic background,

sexual orientation, marital status or physical or mental condition.

Plattsburgh United Methodist Church

Mission Statement:

We Will Walk in the Way of Jesus as We

Grow Together and Transform the World with God’s Love.


Vision Statement:

We Choose…

· To open our arms, hearts and doors to all.

· To create and maintain for all a place of peace, learning, understanding and support.

· To refrain from judgment as we accept all  people with love, tenderness, respect and  compassion.

· To generously commit ourselves to mission, social justice and  service in the community, nation and world.

· To bravely express our belief that there are many pathways into the sacred and choose Jesus as our pathway.

· To offer passionate worship for all.






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